Our Goal

To make a fundamental change in the plastic industry, we are replacing conventional non-biodegradable plastics with compostable Paper Compound. We are striving to become an industry leader in the production of environmentally friendly products and to establish sustainable solutions against the global plastic crisis so we can make our world a better place.

The annual global plastic

consumption exceeds 300 million tons, which equals the combined weight of the entire human race. An estimated 150 million tons of plastic waste already exist inside our oceans. Each year, this amount could increase by 8 million tons.

Properties of Paper Compound

Paper Compound products are a sustainable solution to the global plastic problem. They look and perform like conventional plastics and the associated costs are similar. Unlike conventional plastic, Paper Compound completely decomposes when exposed to microorganisms under normal environmental conditions.


Background Information

Initially, Paper Compound was simply an overlooked by-product of pulp production. As an answer to the aggravation of the global waste problem, a process was developed in which paper is decomposed into its separate components and then remodeled into an extruded paper compound. The liquified paper granulate has been developed to be able to compete as a bioplastic amongst conventional plastics; it can be produced with standard plastic injection molding machines as well as extruders and thermoforming machines. First customer projects have gone into series production.


Product Examples

Golf Tee.png
Golf Tee
Small Fork
Coffee Stirrer

We further produce custom-made products upon request.

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Length: 6.58" (168mm)